How to Hang A Canvas

Published: 01st September 2008
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With the current popularity of canvas art, this article looks at the 3 most used methods to hanging a canvas print in your home or place of work.

Canvas With Mirror Plates Mounted On Inside

Mirror Plates mounted to the inside of the canvas frame

Canvas With Mirror Plates Mounted On Outside

Mirror plates mounted to the outside of the canvas frame

Mirror Plates

One of the most popular way to hang a canvas is using brass mirror plates. These small and very cheap plates are very easy to use and offer 2 separate ways to hang a canvas.

The first use of the mirror plate is an internal mounting. Attach the mirror plates to the inside of the canvas frame, and then simply slide the plates down over 2 screws in the wall. If you want to keep the mount hidden and therefore keeping the canvas clean and tidy, this is the method for you. However, you do lose out on the secure fixing.

If your after a secure fixing to the wall, mount the mirror plate to the outside of the frame. This means the third hole on the plate is visible and you can screw the plate directly into the wall. this methods only downside is the plate is subsequently visible.

Canvas Shown With Wire Hanging Method

Canvas Shown With Wire Hanging Method


Hanging canvas and any type of artwork has for a very longtime been carried out with some wire. Affix the wire to both vertical lengths of the canvas and tighten. Now all you need to do is drop the wire over a screw in the wall. Although its easy and cheap (5m of wire is approx 69p ($1.20 US)) you do suffer from canvas rotation. This is down to there only being 1 fixed point on the wall so you will be re-leveling the canvas on a regular basis.

3M Command Strip

3M Command Strip

3M Command Strip

This relatively new product has been under going testing here at WHoArtNow for the last few months, and although there a little more expensive (a 2 pack of 3kg hooks and glue will cost £3 or approx $6) but for the simplicity of this product, I think its worth every penny. You don't need to drill or screw anything, simply attach the glue strip to the hook, and then the hook to the wall. Now weight an hour, and hang your canvas. No mess, no fuss and no problems. There perfect if your not allowed or can't drill into your walls.


Just for the ease of use and no mess created by them, I'd recommend the 3M command strips to anyone who asks, just make sure you have the strongest hooks and the weight of the canvas is less than the combined strength of the hooks. (E.G. a 48"x32" canvas weighs approx 4kg, therefore 2 x 3kg hooks is more than enough)

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